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The main business of ISOPOL KIMYA is the R&D, production and sales of Polyurethane series products, like isocyanate, blended polyols, base polyols and auxiliary chemicals for polyurethane industry. ISOPOL KIMYA A.Ş is established in MERSIN TURKEY, which has Polyurethane System production capacity 90.000 MT/year. Since 2014 ISOPOL KIMYA has been supplying polyurethane systems and auxiliary chemicals, technical support, financial and logistic solutions according to the needs of its customers.

ISOPOL is regarded as one of the most dynamic and fast growing Turkey-based companies, in the production and marketing of polyurethane systems. Experience, continuous research for innovative solutions and long standing collabrations with international corporations, are the pillars of our expertise & know-how, allowing us to meet the highest and most complex mark et demands. Working in close partnership with our clients in assessing their needs and meeting their requirements is the core of our philosopy and offers a distinct competitive advantage. Our highly skilled and talented people, turn great ideas into advanced solutions for any polyurethane system application, supporting our clients along the way.

Our polyurethane systems stand out for their excellent quality and performance. Every product bearing ISOPOL’s logo offers our clients a World of advantages, supporting the end-result of their and actively contributing to their success. In both Construction and Industry, ISOPOL is the power of development and expertise, your strategic partner in excelle nce.

Through our strategic partnerships, at ISOPOL we have unlimited Access and involvement in international research & development, regarding PU Systems applications and innovations. Sharing the vast experience of our international partners, we grant our clients successfully tested solutions in any PU system application, bringing unique benefits in lndustry and Construction.

ISOPOL KIMYA is willing to work with you hand in hand, to become the most trusted chemical raw material supplier and service provider, to let more families have a better future because of our achievements. ISOPOL supplies the blended polyol widely applied in many areas, such as household appliance, panel, imitating-wood, pipe, cold chain, auto, spray coating, coal reinforcement, etc. ISOPOL trades flexible polyol for slabstock foam, high-resilience foam(HR) and POP used to produce slabstock foam of different densities and mold HR foam.

ISOPOL has been aiming to be the leader in domestic polyurethane industry, to improve the global market influence, and to become the most reliable polyurethane raw material supplier & service provider. ISOPOL PU systems are the passport to international quality and know-how in a new era of solutions and benefits.

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  • Ticaret Ünvanı : Isopol Kimya Anonim Şirketi
  • İş Adresi : Burhan OSB Mah. 2. Cad. No:2 Akdeniz / MERSİN
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  • Vergi Dairesi : URAY
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  • Yönetim Kurulu BaşkanI : Hıdır COŞKUN
  • Sermaye : 2.000.000 TL
  • Derece : Fevkalade
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