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What is a sandwich panel?

What is a sandwich panel?

A Sandwich Panel is a composite roofing and facade cladding material produced by applying various thicknesses and densities of polyurethane injection between two layers of double-coated galvanized steel or aluminum sheets. Polyurethane rigid foam is used as the insulation material. It provides highly effective thermal, water, and sound insulation in the areas where it is used, preventing condensation. Panels, which can be manufactured in desired sizes, allow for smooth and rapid installation, especially in production-oriented facilities.

Materials used for surface coating are selected according to usage conditions and processed in various forms. These materials include:

Polyester Coated Sheet: 0.50 mm thickness, with the upper surface painted with 25-micron polyester-based paint, and the inner surface being primed galvanized sheet.

PVC Sheet: 0.500 mm thickness, with the upper surface laminated with 120-micron non-toxic white PVC, and the inner surface being primed sheet. It is internationally certified as food-safe and complies with food regulations.

Galvanized Sheet: 0.50 mm thickness, 1st quality, surface flattened, hot-dip galvanized sheet.

Cr-Ni (Stainless Steel) Sheet: 0.50 mm thickness, 304 quality, malt surface, 1st class Chrome-Nickel sheet.

Plywood: Consists of layers of birch wood, each 1 mm thick, with a 9 mm thickness. The upper surface has a hexagonal textured non-slip feature, is hygienic, and is coated with 240 gr/square meter phenolic resin. Floor panels produced with a plywood upper surface are resistant to 250 kg/cm2 point load and 2500 kg/m2 uniform distributed load. Trapezoidal or flat surface forms are used in the production of wall and ceiling panels.

In the production of floor panels, a special non-slip pattern is applied to the inner surface of Cr-Ni sheet, and a 10 mm marine plywood is attached using a special technique.

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